I have a 76 year old retired airplane pilot friend. Great guy. On his last legs. Anyway, he flew in the Vietnam War and, in fact, one of the planes he flew sits on the 'Enterprise' in the Hudson River today.

Yesterday, he told me the following story; He said he’d heard that during the second World War some big American plane flew over Germany and was attacked by a small German fighter planes, as well as by shots from the ground.

The big plane got hit in the gas tank but, somehow, the bullets didn’t explode and the Americans made it back to friendly ground. During repairs, the mechanics found 12 unexploded identical big bullets in the gas tank.

Based on their entry points, it appeared all 12 came from the ground.

The twelve bullets seemed to be light.

So, they took the risk to open one up. Inside, there was a note from the Jewish concentration camp prisoners who had made the bullet.

There was no gunpowder in the bullet, just the note.

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