The Lake

2014 lake

When I was 15 or so — 1960 or 61 — I went as a guest to Lake Horace in Weare, NH for a summer week [or maybe it was two].

Anyway, there were about 10 families from Westport [CT] were I grew up who went there every summer. Each family rented their own cabin.

Had a great time.

A friend who was there as well and I later decided to start our own group when we were ‘grown-ups’. In 1971, we did just that. He rented a cabin and invited a high school friend. I did the same and invited another friend. We split up and continued inviting friends.

Over the years, we got married and had kids. And our kids grew up and got married. And they had kids. So, the group has grown considerably.

This year, I did a little video. You can see it by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy it.