Feel good.

Was in the yard last week cutting up a tree I’d cut down the week before.

I figured it was going to take me all day that day and probably all day the following day to clean up. Big job.

In this place, you have to cut up ‘yard debris’ into little pieces, put it into paper bags you get from Lowe’s, and the POA picks it up every other Thursday. 

You have to hide the debris till then.  No messing up the look of the place.

It takes forever to cut branches into little pieces.

Anyway, there I was, slaving away in the heat, my A-Fib heart pounding, and a pickup truck drives up with a trailer on the back and stops. 

MIddle-aged [41] guy gets out of the pickup truck and says, “I’ll lend you a hand.” 
He’s obviously taken pity on this too old guy who has a huge job in front of him.

Judging by the logo on his  t-shirt, he must be in the landscape business.

I don’t know what to say.

Next thing I know he’s grabbed his chainsaw out of the trailer, cranked it up, and all of fifteen minutes later, he’s got the whole thing cut up, in his trailer, and ready to leave.

I offered to pay him and he refused to take money.  I offered to hire him to do my landscaping [which is multiple thousands a year.]

Nope, he says.  He can spare 15 minutes to help me, but doesn’t have room for any more customers.

Based on the logo on his t-shirt, and as luck would have it, I realize I’ve crossed paths with his mother. So I will drop some money off with her to spend on him [and congratulate her on on parenting.] 

There are some good young people.

P.S. The mother wouldn’t take the money either.